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July 31st, 2015 is National Mutt Day


Kitten Season is Here


Michigan Gas Chambers


As of mid-July 2015, Berrien County Animal Control and Cass County Animal Control still have active gas chambers at their facilities. The status of the gas chamber at Branch County Animal Control is unknown since the fire in May of 2015. Van Buren Animal Control is in the process of decommissioning their gas chamber. The […]

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Animal Shelters


If you look up shelter in the dictionary, the definition is a temporary place to live, protected from danger, establishment that cares for unwanted stray animals, a place providing food and accommodations for the homeless. Shelters to me are animal controls, humane societies, and reputable rescue groups. I am thankful for all shelters, as the […]

Keep Pets Safe on July 4th

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And She Will Be Free



June 26, 2015 is Take your Dog to Work Day

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Happy Father’s Day