April 10-16 is Animal Control Appreciation Week


For Animal Control Appreciation Week I spoke with Ashley Hayes, Volunteer Coordinator from Ingham County Animal Control in Mason Michigan. I asked her to briefly clarify misconceptions and highlight basic information that she wants the public to know about ICAC.


  • They are an open admission shelter which means they can not turn any animal away.
  • Their budget only covers the bare essentials; donors, volunteers, and the community allow them to increase adoptions, save abused, homeless, injured and sick animals and pay for shelter staff.
  • They adopt animals out.
  • ICAC is a law enforcement agency meaning they have the authority to issue citations, seize animals, and pursue criminal charges.
  • The staff at Ingham County Animal Control care about the animals, their jobs can be emotionally difficult, stressful, yet rewarding.
  • They don’t have the means to save every animal. Animals with behavioral issues take time, training, and an experienced / understanding adopter. Animals with medical issues take financial resources, time, and a nurturing environment where they can be properly cared for.
  • Ingham County Animal Controls first objective is to return to owner, adoption, foster and rescue. They do not have breed specific regulations and do not euthanize all Pit Bull type dogs.
  • Animals received by ICAC are temperament tested, have a physical exam and appropriate medical is done including but not limited to vaccines, spaying and neutering, heartworm testing, feline leukemia/FIV testing, worming, antibiotics for upper respiratory in cats and kennel cough in dogs.
  • Ingham County Animal Control does not sell to class B dealers for experiments or testing.
  • They accept donations which are tax deductible.

signI personally want to thank Ashley for the above information as well as send out a huge THANK YOU to all Ingham County Animal Control employees and volunteers for the job you do, not just for Animal Control Appreciation Week but everyday. If you would like to help by adopting, donating, fostering, or volunteering contact Ingham County Animal Control at: (517)676-8370 or stop by the 600 Curtis St. Mason, MI. 48854 their shelter hours are:

Tuesday and Wednesday 12 noon – 6 P.M. Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 11 A.M. – 4 P.M.

They are closed Sunday and Monday.

Animal Controls and shelters aren’t the only ones responsible for the welfare of animals. The community needs to take action which includes getting pets spayed and neutered, keeping them vaccinated, and being responsible owners. These are the things that we can do to help the animals before the problems start and Animal Control is needed.

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