March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Bundle up!

Enjoying Thanksgiving with your dog

Pet food recalls

To check on the latest pet food recalls visit Dog Food Advisor’s website.

Tick season is here

Check for ticks daily, and don’t overlook areas of your pet’s body where ticks can hide, like between the toes, the underside of the toes, in the ear flaps and around the tail base. Remember that ticks must be attached to your dog for at least 24 hours in order for disease-causing bacteria to be […]

have a safe 4th of July

If you see it, report it.

Tips for pets during the holiday season

Thanksgiving Day

Our pets are part of our family, we want to include them in our holiday celebrations but we also need to make sure they are protected from potential dangers. One of the greatest dangers for our pets on Thanksgiving Day is the food; it can send a pet into kidney (renal) failure, cause pancreatitis, make […]

Dogs left in cars

Dogs are man’s best friend. Be their caretakers not their undertakers. People often leave their dog in their car while they run quick errands. Doing so when the weather is warm can literally be a death sentence for your pet. Cars act like a greenhouse trapping the sun’s heat in, with no ventilation. Dogs are […]