And then there were five

We are foster failures once again. In December I received a text from Holly at Capital Area Humane Society, she thought we should foster Allie who had been at CAHS for a while and could use a much needed shelter break. I discussed it with my husband and he reluctantly agreed, so the next day […]

Trolley the Pomeranian

“F/10-20lb/Lt color/FLUFFY” This is what I wrote on a post-it note, which I then stuck on the wall in the Entry department of the Capital Area Humane Society, where I work. I was putting in my order for my dream dog, the one I’d been hoping for, for quite awhile. I already had a wonderful […]


It was early spring. The humane society was doing some work on the floors in their dog runs. They were asking for volunteers to take a dog home for the weekend so the strong fumes from the work they were doing on the floors wouldn’t bother the dogs. It was going to be a piece […]


We had just lost our German Shepherd, Maggie, and we had decided not to get another dog because it’s so hard when they die. Three months later we were browsing the internet and looked on the web site of “The Humane Society of Livingston County”. There on their web site was the most beautiful German […]

The newest addition to our family

Meet Trudy-Grace….the newest addition to our family. She is about six months old, our fearless funny puppy, she is a Pit Bull. We have had her just over a month now. Trudy is a right front leg amputee, the story is she fell off a two foot ledge and severely broke her leg, I don’t […]

Happy Ending

I have been following so many different organizations on facebook that are dedicated to rescuing and helping animals lately, I just wanted to share my story with you all. I have two “rescue” pups, Duke and Duchess. They are mixed breeds (but we love them just the same! lol). Last March, I saw a girl […]

Clover our foster dog; is fostering for you?

I started to write a short story on fostering animals in September when I picked up my foster pup from Capital Area Humane Society. I did not go there that day with any intent to foster as I have done that for many years for many dogs and I find one of the hardest things […]

Benny’s Gotcha Story

On February 11, 1998, I left grad school and decided it was finally time to get a dog. I’d wanted a dog of my own since I was a toddler. I knew I was going to rescue, and I lived in an apartment alone, working full-time, so I felt I needed a small, adult dog […]


I work at an animal shelter in Lansing, and everyday i see pit bulls come in, and i rarely see them leave. Its a sad fact, seeing them come in so much. Before Yoda, It was always “just another pit bull”, one that has such a little chance in the shelter world. Sure, i liked […]

I had my dog euthanized today

Today my family and I took Weezer, our old dog in to be euthanized. Weezer was a big part of our family for over sixteen years. We got him as some guy was trying to kick him into the middle of a busy road in Lansing. I remember as a pup he was solid black […]