A Happy story

The first several years of Happy’s life will remain a mystery. But for some reason this well-trained, good natured Pomeranian ended up living on the streets of a small Ohio town for over a month. Picked up by the local animal control, Happy sat unclaimed in a kill shelter, waiting for his owner that never […]

Our Pack of Three

Our oldest dog just turned sixteen, his name is Weezer, he is a black lab/chow mix. We got him when he was about six months old as some guy was trying to kick him into the middle of a busy road in Lansing. He has not always been the easiest of dogs to live with […]

Mufasa and Bond

I have two pets that I am fortunate enough to be able to call part of my family. I have a 2.5 lb Lion head bunny and a 61 lb Pit Bull Terrier. Mufasa, is my bunny and even though I grew up with dogs, he was MY first pet. He is funny, loving and […]

Ruger the Injured Puppy

Alone. Injured. Scared. Sitting on a front porch, trying to stay warm. No animal should go through this but especially not an eight week old puppy. Our neighbors woke up Sunday morning to find a little puppy on their porch, they went door to door looking for his owners but no one claimed him. The […]


If you met Taxi today, you would never guess that she spent the first four years of her life as a breeder dog in one of those horrible puppy mills. She was always in a cage, in a barn, with no chance to socialize and play, or even to enjoy human contact. When someone touched […]

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy, our 7th (-ish) month old orange tabby was thrown out of a moving car, and hit by another car (luckily, only resulting in a cut on his foot). A friend saw this and took him in. He was let outside the next morning with their other cats, but wasn’t found until later that night. […]

Bubba and Lola

About two years ago, a cat showed up on our back deck, walked right up to the sliding door and there she sat until she was noticed. We started feeding her, and although she hissed and backed away at first,she never ran off. I’m not sure if she was a cat that had been dropped […]

Macchia and Argo

Macchia wearing a scarf

While working at Soldan’s, a local pet store, I got my first dog.  Although my parents had many dogs while I was growing up, Macchia was the first one that was completely mine.  At the time I was not expecting to get a dog.  I had just turned eighteen and lived at home with my […]