Happy Ending

I have been following so many different organizations on facebook that are dedicated to rescuing and helping animals lately, I just wanted to share my story with you all. I have two “rescue” pups, Duke and Duchess. They are mixed breeds (but we love them just the same! lol). Last March, I saw a girl walking 2 puppies without leashes through our tiny town, and I stopped to ask her where she got them from since we were considering getting another dog (we had a 7 YO Golden Retriever and an 11 YO beagle/sheltie mix). The girl said to me “If you want one, you can have one of these.” I was shocked, but happy to say the least. WELL, I came to find out AFTER I took Duke home that he was abused by a male and he was EXTREMELY afraid of my husband and people in general besides me. He is still VERY timid when it comes to my husband, and he will nearly knock me off my feet trying to hide behind me for any little thing.

In August, we found our golden had cancer and it was too far spread to help him, and it tore our family and our hearts apart to have him put to rest. One week later, I get a phone call asking me to take Duke’s sister, Duchess, becaus she had to be taken back by the parent dog’s owners from a VERY abusive home. When we brought her home, she wouldn’t even come indoors, I had to go outside and pick her up and carry her fragile little body inside. Her hip bones stuck out, she was scared and obviously malnourished and she shuttered at every little noise. After 2 worming treatments, she was finally clear of worms and she ate like a little piggy! lol She immediately took to my children, but she was very scared of any adults. She would run and hide under the table with her tail btw her legs at the slightest movement.

Now, after months in our home, Duke and Duchess have become child number 4 and child numbner 5. Duke is still my baby, goes wherever I go and loves to try to be a lap dog. Duchess likes to try to steal his attention constantly!!! I couldn’t imagine anyone abusing these two precious creatures, and I commend groups like yours that try to help spread the word about abuse and having animals spayed/neutered and rescueing shelter dogs, or even reporting abuse. THANK YOU!!

Kristie Tyson
April 4, 2011

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