We had just lost our German Shepherd, Maggie, and we had decided not to get another dog because it’s so hard when they die. Three months later we were browsing the internet and looked on the web site of “The Humane Society of Livingston County”.
There on their web site was the most beautiful German Shepherd one had ever seen. We drove from our home all the way to Howell, MI….and immediately fell in love with her.

Nala has been with us since March 17, 2010. She has always fitted right in with our family. Even our two cats (Cora & Shadow) like her and are not afraid of her.

Over on the next street we have a huge place for her to run (Oak Park). Nala loves to run with sticks in her mouth…full blast.

We had found out from Livingston County that the previous owner didn’t want her. Nala had no home for a while and was running loose. The poor thing.

Besides having a good home with us, Nala visits regularly Eaton County Medical Care Facility in Charlotte, MI. The residents there love to see her and she has been quite a hit bringing “joy” to their lives there. She is very loveable.

We are thankful we were able to rescue Nala.

Sincerely, Jeff and Lyn Wilmore

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