Speak up against animal abuse

The man accused of torturing Puppy Doe (Kiya) 33 year old Radoslaw Czerkawski is scheduled for a pre trial hearing Monday July 14, 2014 at Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts. There are cases like this everyday all over the world, we just had a local case with a dog named Titiana (who is still looking for her forever home). Never be silent on animal abuse, they have no voice of their own. Speak for those who can’t.


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  1. Jamie on said:

    Dear World,

    Every 10 seconds, a helpless animal is abused. What is wrong with you? We sit at our computers, looking at these sites and think “I’m gonna do something!” when you don’t. STOP THE ANIMAL ABUSE!!! These poor creatures sit helplessly hoping that someone will save them. Email or Text to every one of your contacts “Stop Animal Abuse” then get off your butt and do something! We all think it, we all know it.

    Thank You!

    J.A.A-A voice for those without one

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