It was early spring. The humane society was doing some work on the floors in their dog runs. They were asking for volunteers to take a dog home for the weekend so the strong fumes from the work they were doing on the floors wouldn’t bother the dogs. It was going to be a piece […]

The newest addition to our family

Meet Trudy-Grace….the newest addition to our family. She is about six months old, our fearless funny puppy, she is a Pit Bull. We have had her just over a month now. Trudy is a right front leg amputee, the story is she fell off a two foot ledge and severely broke her leg, I don’t […]

Clover our foster dog; is fostering for you?

I started to write a short story on fostering animals in September when I picked up my foster pup from Capital Area Humane Society. I did not go there that day with any intent to foster as I have done that for many years for many dogs and I find one of the hardest things […]

Benny’s Gotcha Story

On February 11, 1998, I left grad school and decided it was finally time to get a dog. I’d wanted a dog of my own since I was a toddler. I knew I was going to rescue, and I lived in an apartment alone, working full-time, so I felt I needed a small, adult dog […]