Although I did not know him well, Wexford was his name. His scars boldly told his story, so sad and such a shame. His visible scars are only a part, of the pain that he went through. He had a short hard life, sadly it was too late for him to be rescued. It was […]


It was early spring. The humane society was doing some work on the floors in their dog runs. They were asking for volunteers to take a dog home for the weekend so the strong fumes from the work they were doing on the floors wouldn’t bother the dogs. It was going to be a piece […]

Tatiana’s Update

It has been eight months now since Tatiana was severely abused. Though she is no longer the center of media attention, I know a lot of people have not forgotten about her. The suffering that she endured will never be understood. Animal abusers should pay for their crime. Animal abuse must not be tolerated. If […]

The newest addition to our family

Meet Trudy-Grace….the newest addition to our family. She is about six months old, our fearless funny puppy, she is a Pit Bull. We have had her just over a month now. Trudy is a right front leg amputee, the story is she fell off a two foot ledge and severely broke her leg, I don’t […]


I work at an animal shelter in Lansing, and everyday i see pit bulls come in, and i rarely see them leave. Its a sad fact, seeing them come in so much. Before Yoda, It was always “just another pit bull”, one that has such a little chance in the shelter world. Sure, i liked […]

Tatiana’s Story

Who is capable of doing this to a dog? I had the privilege of spending a couple hours with Tatiana, the horribly abused Pit Bull on Friday two days after she was found. She is slowly recovering under the care of Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing. She is a younger female Pit Bull and […]


They called you Speck for Spectacular I see Though I will never understand why your life was not meant to be I was there the day you came in, a cruelty case, such a sin So scared and skinny with your harness completely grown in You were mishandled, abused and not loved too Your soulful […]

Mufasa and Bond

I have two pets that I am fortunate enough to be able to call part of my family. I have a 2.5 lb Lion head bunny and a 61 lb Pit Bull Terrier. Mufasa, is my bunny and even though I grew up with dogs, he was MY first pet. He is funny, loving and […]