Pit Bull Rescue Woman by John Shipe

Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe

Pit Bulls- Fact or Fiction

Pit Bulls have locking jaws- FICTION Pit Bulls have the same jaw structure as any other canine. Pit Bulls are good with children- FACT Pit Bulls are one of the most stable breeds of dogs, they are extremely tolerant of children. They are known as the nanny dog. Pit Bulls are easy to train-FACT Pit […]

Expendable Species

three pit bulls

I picked up a local free newspaper, City Pulse, where I was surprised to find an article about the pit bull overpopulation in Lansing, MI. The following article can be found in the August 4th, 2010 edition of Lansing’s City Pulse. Expendable species Breeding for quantity, not quality: pit bull overpopulation in Lansing by Jane […]