Although I did not know him well, Wexford was his name. His scars boldly told his story, so sad and such a shame. His visible scars are only a part, of the pain that he went through. He had a short hard life, sadly it was too late for him to be rescued. It was […]

Happy Ending

I have been following so many different organizations on facebook that are dedicated to rescuing and helping animals lately, I just wanted to share my story with you all. I have two “rescue” pups, Duke and Duchess. They are mixed breeds (but we love them just the same! lol). Last March, I saw a girl […]


I work at an animal shelter in Lansing, and everyday i see pit bulls come in, and i rarely see them leave. Its a sad fact, seeing them come in so much. Before Yoda, It was always “just another pit bull”, one that has such a little chance in the shelter world. Sure, i liked […]

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy, our 7th (-ish) month old orange tabby was thrown out of a moving car, and hit by another car (luckily, only resulting in a cut on his foot). A friend saw this and took him in. He was let outside the next morning with their other cats, but wasn’t found until later that night. […]