It was early spring. The humane society was doing some work on the floors in their dog runs. They were asking for volunteers to take a dog home for the weekend so the strong fumes from the work they were doing on the floors wouldn’t bother the dogs. It was going to be a piece of cake and it should be a lot of fun. They were sending a leash and food home with the dog and all we had to do was give them lots of love for the weekend. It was a win-win situation, the humane society could get the work done, my dog, Bond, could have a playmate for the weekend and the dog they were going to send home with me would get out of the kennel for the weekend and get lots of love and attention from my husband and I. I arrived at the humane society not knowing what to expect for my weekend guest. I met a lanky but loving white and grey 1- year- old pitbull mix in the parking lot. One of the volunteers was walking him. I stopped to pet him and he was a lover. He gave me kisses and I learned his name was Graydon. He had that young, silly puppy look, which I absolutely love. I entered into the humane society only to find that I was unknowingly assigned to the dog that I had just met outside on his walk. I was excited as we started to form a bond already. So I took Graydon home to meet my husband and our dog, Bond. We introduced the boys and took them for a walk around our neighborhood. Graydon had a lot of character and that showed throughout the weekend. After our walk, Bond and Graydon played the rest of the evening. It was very obvious that they had formed an immediate friendship and played all weekend. They enjoyed each others’ company and we started falling in love with this temporary guest. Sunday rolled around and we were supposed to bring Graydon back to the humane society by 5p.m. so he and all the rest of the dogs that were taken home for the weekend could be put back up for adoption. It was getting close to 5p.m and I had been thinking that I couldn’t imagine bringing Graydon back to the humane society. It was like he had already made our home his home. We had already fallen in love with him and so did our dog. I called the humane society to see what our options were. I explained that I didn’t think that I could give him back. I was crying on the phone, because I did not want to give him back. They were very understanding and suggested that I keep Graydon for awhile to see how he and my other dog continue to get along. We had one dog entering into that weekend and left the weekend with two boys. After seeing how well the two got along, we made the adoption official and changed Graydon’s name to Taz. Taz is a more fitting name for him because he is so full of energy. So it has been several months now and our boys are the best of friends. Taz has to be laying next to/on top of Bond all the time. They are inseparable, they love each other and we love them. At the time I didn’t know that that weekend would complete our family, but it did. When we adopted Taz, we learned that he was found running the streets with no home, no owner and no love. We are so lucky for the love and energy that he has brought to our family, Taz has truly completed our family.

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