The newest addition to our family

Meet Trudy-Grace….the newest addition to our family. She is about six months old, our fearless funny puppy, she is a Pit Bull. We have had her just over a month now. Trudy is a right front leg amputee, the story is she fell off a two foot ledge and severely broke her leg, I don’t know the time frame, just know she was eventually turned over to Michigan Veterinary Specialists and Capital Area Humane Society picked her from there and had her leg amputated at Southside Animal Hospital (who by the way did a great job with the amputation). She was then fostered by Jenny a Veterinary Technician from Capital Area Humane Society for about three weeks (THANKS Jenny for taking the time to care and for giving Trudy a great start). She is on antibiotic right now, her third dose for a urinary tract infection, she has also had a skin and eye infection, (I think her immune system was not up to par) she has a histiocytoma right now that we are watching and if it does not go away we will have it surgically removed. We built her a ramp for the stairs, bought her several different harnesses, bought her a nice soft bed, and put her on a supplement for joints for added protection. I really don’t know how or why we get the dogs with issues but I have to believe they come to us for a reason (besides to help drive us crazy). She joins her older brother Rainer-Trig, our entertaining, stubborn Pit Bull who is just over four now, he is our dog that was beaten and taken away from his original owner, he had to have a Femoral Head Osteotomy. He came from Ingham County Animal Control. Bella-Maye, our sweet, energetic black lab who is two now and we are still trying to figure out why she limps on and off as x-rays show nothing, she was surrendered to Capital Area Humane Society with a few of her brothers as they were getting older (four months) and the backyard breeder could not get rid of the puppies. Clover-Bea, a best guess would be a happy, circus Shiba Inu/Siberian Husky Mix, she is just over a year old, our ectopic ureter dog that had a ureteroneocystostomy and a hydraulic sphincter implanted. Clover is still a work in progress after a few surgeries and almost a year of medical help for her. She came from hoarding situation of over seventy dogs and was one of the few to make it; we also got her from Capital Area Humane Society. We keep telling ourselves we cannot make a difference for all of the animals, but we can make all the difference for some of them. We look at our dogs and think how lucky we are to have them and how lucky they are to have us… they are loved so very much, get plenty of attention, know basic manners, get exercised every day, they eat a super-premium dog food, have the best of medical care, are on heartworm preventative all year long, they have the best toys on the market and lots of them, they have plenty of dog friends in the family to play with, and a big fenced in yard to run in. We went from having five black lab mixes and a terrier mix (all of whom had a good and long life) to now having two Pit Bulls, a Black Lab and a Shiba Inu/Siberian Husky mix. Are they perfect dogs, NO we have not had a perfect dog yet, although we think they are perfect for us. They all have different personalities yet they are alike in so many ways; and they all have their bad points along with their good points. We have to say RESCUED is our favorite breed! A loyal companion, a best friend and unconditional love…YES, we are dog blessed. Mike & Jyl

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  1. Janette on said:

    Jyl, what a blessing you and your family are! Thank you for being such a good role model to animal lovers everywhere! You’re a great person, I know 🙂

  2. Cheryl Rice on said:

    A GORGEOUS family! How can you look at them and not smile? They are very lucky dogs indeed!

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