Trolley the Pomeranian

“F/10-20lb/Lt color/FLUFFY”

This is what I wrote on a post-it note, which I then stuck on the wall in the Entry department of the Capital Area Humane Society, where I work. I was putting in my order for my dream dog, the one I’d been hoping for, for quite awhile. I already had a wonderful cocker spaniel, Taxi, that we got as a puppy mill rescue 18 months before. But I was sure Taxi needed a friend, a sister to be more exact, and I was confident that SOME day the perfect little girl was going to come through our doors! And in March of this year, she did!

Trolley was a 14-pound red Pomeranian who belonged to an older lady who was in poor health. The woman’s family called the shelter, hoping we could find a new home for the Pom. Because the owner was so ill, and her family wasn’t nearby, CAHS agreed to go pick up the dog. When they got to the house, the woman was so sick she was unable to answer the doorbell. CAHS staff called 911, and when they responded, the woman was taken to the hospital immediately. Later, the family wrote to thank CAHS for saving their mother’s life. But it was really the little Pom who was the heroine, because if it wasn’t for Trolley, no one might have discovered the owner until it was too late!

Once I scooped Trolley up from the shelter, I took her home to meet Taxi and my husband. (Yes, I had named her already, in the hopes that she would meet my expectations!) Although they did not immediately become snuggle buddies, Taxi did tolerate the little girl. And my husband was won over by Trolley’s good looks and impeccable house manners! It wasn’t a perfect fit; Trolley has WAY more energy than two mature adults can manage at times. And while Taxi has learned to share the attention and love, she still considers Trolley a nuisance at times (like when the Pom insists at barking at all moving objects, be they squirrels or cars or even leaves in the wind!)

But every day, Trolley teaches US patience, and every day she slowly grows & matures into the perfect dog I was hoping to get. As we like to say, “A Taxi always comes right to you when you call; a Trolley stays on its track, and if you want it, you have to go to it!” We love both our girls, and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Cheryl and Dick Rice
Lansing, MI
December 26, 2011

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